Adraine's Story

Adriane had her first child at the age of 15 – when still a child herself. “There was no roadmap on how to go through trauma… how to raise a child… how to get your life together,” she says. “You have to take the good with the bad and sometimes the bad strengthens you.” Adriane faced her share of bad times as she struggled with young motherhood – unhealthy relationships, poor choices, substance abuse and finally eviction. But through those hardships, she found the strength to ask for help. She came to the Mission and began to lead a faith-filled life. But when her children were older, she strayed from God’s path. While she knew our ministry could help get her life back on track, she was ashamed to admit she’d rekindled destructive habits. Then she remembered Christ’s invitation to come as you are. And we welcomed her back with open arms. In our care once again, she found the time, peace and guidance to reconnect with the Lord. “I could pick up the Bible, collect my thoughts, sit and think, and see where I missed the path down the road.” She also focused on education – skills that would supplement life lessons and set a good example for her children. “I wanted to teach them that you need a little background in order to grow.” As she looks toward the future, she’ll seek a job where she’s serving God’s purpose and using her skills, experience and background to help others like herself. “I’ll tell them anything is possible… change is possible… growth is possible. You just need to start somewhere. Believe in yourself and keep that mustard seed of faith.” Adriane’s heart is overflowing with gratitude because YOUR loving support gave her the confidence to rebuild her life. “Since coming to the Mission, I am better than my yesterdays.”

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