• Jul 11th 2020 - Jul 11th 2020, White House Fruit Farm
    The 2nd Annual Point 5k has been set for the second week in July! Due to COVID-19 we are moving the event to a virtual format, so you can walk at home, in a park or even on your treadmill. If you are ready to take on the 1640 foot walk/run ... all you'll need to do is walk out your front door 820 steps, then turn around and head back home to get in a Point 5K. Since we can't offer our stop in the middle for a donut, we will be sure to send you a voucher in the mail that you can redeem on a day of your choice at White House Fruit Farm! Plus we will mail you a really cool Point 5K sticker for your ride!  (1640 feet is the distance of our Point 5k. It's just a little more in length than the empire state building is tall. You can do this!) Our first event in 2019 sold out and our participants had a great time! Join us on July 11th at 10am and be sure to register soon!
  • Oct 23rd 2020 - ,
    A fun way to raise funds and awareness for the cause of homelessness in Mahoning County! Wear crazy socks to work on the fourth Friday of October each year to show your support for Rescue MIssion of Mahoning Valley! Collect small donations from coworkers who do the same and send the gifts to the Mission!
  • Oct 25th 2020 - ,
    Wear your crazy socks to church with friends on the fourth Sunday of October and make a donation to Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley! We would love for you to help us make our community aware that over 100 men, women and children find shelter at the Mission each night and hundreds have meals with...
  • Feb 19th 2021 - Feb 19th 2021, Waypoint 4180
    Benefit Dinner 2021 for Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley coming on February 19th at Waypoint 4180 in Canfield. Contact the Mission for sponsorships, seating and more details at 330-744-5485.