Serve a meal and much more as a volunteer!

Click here to request to become a volunteer using our new volunteer platform (for new and previous volunteers)! 

The Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley in Youngstown has the most wonderful volunteers! We have missed you during the pandemic. The meal serving schedule has been opened back up and we started hosting volunteers again on April 1, 2021.

A great way to become exposed to the ministry of Rescue is to serve a meal. You can spend a small amount of time and see first-hand how the Rescue Mission in Youngstown changes lives and helps the needy.

If you find that the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley is a good match for your volunteer talents and time, we can share some of the many places within the Mission that you could be a blessing (and be blessed!).

Get started today…

  1. Request to become an approved volunteer by clicking this link and providing your contact info. This will generate a request and our volunteer coordinator will reply to you by email.
  2. Once you are approved, you'll receive an email with an invitation to create a login. Once complete, you will have access to our online tool to schedule volunteer time, clock in and out and even print a certification of hours if you'd like.
  • And there is a free app! Just search "Volunteer Mark" in your app store to download it for free and learn about the features!


Computer registration not for you? It's ok!  Just call 330-744-5485 and ask for our Volunteer Coordinator to get started.


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Our volunteers also teach skills, tutor, answer phones, clean and more at our Emergency Shelter. We need you.


  • Modest, casual clothing. Jeans are fine.
  • Shoes need to enclose the foot. No sandals, please.
  • Nothing sleeveless or low cut.
  • You’ll be given an apron, hair net, and gloves for serving in the dining hall.
  • We appreciate you so much!


If you believe in ministry to homeless people at the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley, spread the word to your friends. Share a link on Facebook, Twitter or a blog. Talk about why you volunteer at the shelter or donate to the food ministry. Rally friends and family to volunteer or participate in an event.

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