The Discipleship Academy is a comprehensive, transformational education program designed to provide clients with spiritual and academic resources to obtain the knowledge needed to successfully transition back into the community and lead a productive Christ‐centered life.

The Academy covers 42 courses totaling 429 hours in the classroom and consists of five cohesive segments:

  • Biblical Education
  • Adult Educational Studies
  • Associates of Arts in Liberal Studies (San Diego Christian College)
  • Service Duties
  • Academy Internships

Participants are offered appropriate housing to achieve sustainable transition plan objectives. They are provided with basic services plus a comprehensive, accredited, educational experience and vigorous social services casework.

Students receive intense, regular individual objective accountability review by peers, Mission staff, instructors and volunteers. Throughout the Academy experience, clients are challenged to develop self‐discipline, discernment, and maturity in a Christian liberal arts setting which by its nature demands a set of moral imperatives. Upon successful completion of the program, household appliances, furnishings and supplies are provided when available.

Download a copy of the full Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley Curriculum overview here: Discipleship Academy Overview (PDF document).