The Christ Mission Settlement was founded in 1893 by W.J. Price at 408 E. Federal St. in Youngstown, Ohio. Initially the ministry was a learning center for adults and underprivileged children.

In the mid-1900s, The Mission grew and began feeding and housing thousands of homeless men and women each year. Listed below are the milestones that have made The Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley the remarkable institution that it is today.



Selling out in 58 minutes, the Mahoning Valley Coffee Trail fundraiser featured 17 locally owned coffee shops in its first year. And the Mission humbly received the Vindicator’s Gold Readers’ Choice Award for charitable organization.


November 12, 2021, marked the opening of the Mission’s new location at 1300 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. A joyous celebration was attended by nearly 800 guests who gave great praise to the Lord and toured the new facility.  In the second year of the Covid 19 pandemic


The Vindicator’s Annual Readers’ Choice Award in the category of Best Charitable Organization presented to Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley in September 2020. Launched second phase of capital campaign fundraiser called “Supply Our Shelter” to raise 1.5 million dollars to furnish the “move our mission” construction underway at 1300 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Youngstown, Ohio.


The “Move Our Mission” capital campaign broke ground on 10-31-2019 for a new 50,000 sq foot building (6.5 million dollar project. Hosted first “point 5K” fundraiser – a 1,640 foot fun-run at White House Fruit Farm in July. New mission statement adopted. “By God’s grace, the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we promote accountability and provide food and emergency shelter to men, women and children experiencing hunger and homelessness”


71,383 meals served. 1625 unique individuals provided with overnight shelter. 36 staff members employed.


John Muckridge, III named President/CEO of Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley.



Capital Campaign to Move Our Mission launched in November


Recognized as “Children’s Advocate Award Honoree” from Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley at 5th Annual Champions for Our Valley’s Children Celebration. Ceased operations at Distribution Center on Glenwood Ave to focus on the average 130 clients cared for at the Mission each night


Entered into a partnership with San Diego Christian College to create The Discipleship Academy, a comprehensive educational program. (Total meals served 165,504. Total Overnight Stays 44,553)


Total meals served 114,236. Total overnight stays 36,114 (of which 4,932 were for children).


James G. Echement is promoted from Development Director to Executive Director of the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley.


Over 40,000 hours of volunteer time is logged at the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley.


Received “Certification of Excellence” from the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions for the second time in Mission history, and a new 12- passenger vehicle is purchased for the ministry.


Celebrated Rev Sherrard’s 20th Anniversary as Executive Director of the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley in Youngstown.


Received 8+ acres from the City of Youngstown for a future new facility.


A true year of growth. A major communication program is launched to educate the community on all that is happening at their Mission.


The Rescue Mission Ambassador Program is launched, establishing a liaison between individual churches and the Mission. The Mission prepares for growth. Private funding enables the Mission to install a leading-edge computer network linking both buildings to each other and the world.


Year-end statistics show a huge increase in the Family Service division. Of the more than 23,000 overnight stays, over 5,000 were children.


Two sisters who regularly volunteer transform the Mission’s Family Service Division with a complete renovation of an old office area. Room becomes the “Wee Room,” a play and learning area for our smallest guests. Gift was in honor of their parents.


A walk-in freezer and refrigerator are purchased with grant monies allowing the ministry to take advantage of perishable foods that are purchased in bulk and donated.


Private donations provide for the renovation of an old storage area into a Computer Learning Center, which is a key element in the Resident Programs for men, women and children.


End-of-the-year figures show increases in meals (13,683), overnight stays (26,886) and clothing (6,151). Due to a lack of space, a new facility is purchased. The Distribution and Volunteer Center is opened at 2246 Glenwood Ave.


A survey in Youngstown indicates 50% of the homeless are children. A new board is formed for the New Life Maternity Home and is spun off from the Rescue Mission to better serve the needs of girls.


“Winter Wonderland” begins. Children’s gifts are collected at Christmas and volunteers wrap the gifts for distribution.


“Teen Straight Talk” begins under the direction of Mary Duke. Rev. David Sherrard, with his 18 years of experience in the Detroit Rescue Mission, comes to Youngstown with his family to serve as the Executive Director.


Due to increases in the numbers of women and children, a Family Services division of the Mission is formed, with an average of more than 60 people per night.


New Life Center in Vienna is remodeled and opened as the New Life Maternity Home, a residential prenatal care home for girls of any age in crisis pregnancy.


Shelter opens for families with an average of 10-12 per night.


Rev. Tim Lowe comes with his family from mission work in other areas to be the new Executive Director.


Rev. John Woods becomes the Executive Director.


The Mission begins moving into the former African-American YMCA building located at 962 West Federal Street in Youngstown, Ohio (now known as Martin Luther King Blvd.).


The Mission moves to a South Avenue location between an Italian food store and shoe repair shop.


Mary Fulton Ladies Auxiliary is organized.


The mat-making program helps provide jobs for 200 men totaling more that 9,000 man hours. Edith O’Connell leads a Good News Bible Class every Thursday under the direction of Child Evangelism Fellowship and International Children’s Ministry.


Total meals served for the year to the homeless in Youngstown: 15,425.


The Board decides the work is too large for one board to handle efficiently, so they split the work. Part of it later becomes Christ Mission Goodwill Home and the other part becomes known as Rescue Mission Inc.


Rev. Walter Houghton comes from Florida with his family to be the new director.


Overnight emergency lodging for the year: 5,000 homeless men and women.


Men’s and women’s prayer groups increase to 20 active groups.


Christ Mission Farm is started on a 275-acre estate of William Swanston. The farm maintains dairy cattle, hogs, chickens and a small maple sugar camp. The farm provides food for the pre-tubercular children’s camp.


A group of seven Christ Mission Settlement workers start Christian Missionary work in the foreign fields.


Camp Hospital is made possible and dedicated to Youngstown Kiwanis Club for their work with underprivileged children.


With $300 capital, a pool room at the corner of Boardman St. and Dounds Alley is rented.


Monthly socials on Saturday nights are attended by 288 men. Eighteen different nationalities are represented and 52 volunteers participate.


Christ Mission Helio Hygienic Camp for Pre-Tubercular and socially underprivileged children is started 10 minutes southwest of Youngstown near Canfield.


Rev. Ray Hagstrom joins Christ Mission as Superintendent.


Children use Mill Creek Park’s Fresh Air Camp in Youngstown for a playground.


Ministry moved to East Boardman Street into a three-story building. The lot was donated by H.B. Wick.


Ministry moved to an old house in the rear of 260 ½ E. Federal St. in Youngstown.


Christ Mission Kindergarten chartered in Youngstown.


Sewing School, Mothers Club, and free Kindergarten are established in Youngstown.