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5 Reasons to Give to the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley on Giving Tuesday

If you are looking for a worthy cause to support on Giving Tuesday, we invite you to consider the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley. Here are five reasons why we think you should consider a gift to the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley.

  1. You’ll feed hungry people in the Mahoning Valley. Last year, with your help, we served 105,125 meals in our dining hall and are on track to feed even more in 2024! A gift of $2.47 provides a meal!
  2. You’ll provide a warm and safe bed for someone in need. With your generosity, we were able to help 1,339 different people last year with at least one night of shelter. A total of 44,659 overnights when you add it all together! Thank you for keeping people from sleeping in the streets.  
  3. You will support the recovery and restoration of lives. Our goal is to help people grow out of homelessness. Biblical teachings and a stable environment are the beginnings for lifelong change for many at the Mission.
  4. You will join a community of generous and compassionate donors. The Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley is supported by the generosity of individuals, churches, businesses, and organizations who share our vision and mission. Your donation will make you a part of this community and connect you with other like-minded donors who are passionate about serving and glorifying God through helping others.
  5. You will experience the joy and blessing of giving. The Bible says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). Giving reflects the heart of God, who gave His only Son for us (John 3:16). Giving expresses our gratitude, love, and faith in God, who is the source of every good and perfect gift (James 1:17). Giving enriches our lives, as we share what we have with others and witness the impact of our generosity.

We hope that these reasons inspire you to give to Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley on Giving Tuesday. You can also donate in-kind items, such as clothing, toiletries, food, and household supplies, or volunteer your time and talents at our mission. No matter how you choose to give, we thank you for your support and pray that God will bless you abundantly. To give, please donate here.

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