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Second time around at the Mission. Meet Bunni.

“Bunni” 64

Bunni came to the Rescue Mission 8 months ago after his family had to sell a home he was supposed to inherit. Bunni had nowhere to go and heard about the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley through an agency. Shortly after coming to the mission Bunni was able to find an apartment. However, after he moved in, Bunni realized the apartment was unlivable and had to return to the Rescue Mission. Bunni has been at the Mission for 3 weeks now.

Bunni is originally from Mentor, Ohio. He was adopted at birth into a loving family. Bunni recalls at 13 years old his dad breaking his back at work and then sadly ending up in a psychiatric hospital. Bunni’s mom became sick and had to have major surgery which left her unable to fully care for her now three children. Being the oldest, Bunni had to help his family by going to work full time at a local drug store. He did everything from delivery driver to janitorial work at the store. In the morning he would go to school and at night he would work. He would also help care for his younger brother and sister. Bunni started working at the store in 1974 and eventually became co-owner. He unfortunately was injured at work and had to go on disability in 2000.

Bunni has a kind heart and is extremely helpful. He goes beyond with his chores. His assigned chore is to clean the bathrooms. He also helps by sweeping the hallways and taking out the trash. Most recently Bunni helped organize the storage room. He is always looking for ways to help. Bunni enjoys reading his Bible in his free time. He also enjoys going to Chapel and says, “I feel at peace while hearing the Word of God being taught.”

When asked what advice you would give someone who needs shelter, he said “to follow the rules they are set for a reason.” And if you need a place to stay “Just swallow your pride, it’s a great place to get your feet back on the ground.”

The teddy bear you see in the picture was a gift from his finance’ whom he plans to move down to Texas to be with. Please keep Bunni in your prayers as he embarks on a new journey.

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