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“You never know when you might be the one needing help” – Robin’s story

Robin’s journey has been marked by many challenges, from a troubled marriage to the heartbreaking loss of her son. But with unwavering faith and the support of the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley, Robin discovered hope and embarked on a new beginning. Today, she’s well on her way to securing employment and becoming an active member of a local church. Your support plays a crucial role in making stories like Robin’s possible! Thank you

Robin’s Background:

  • Robin hails from a privileged background, growing up in a wealthy family with a comfortable childhood.
  • She started her own family at a young age and worked as a school bus driver.
  • Unfortunately, her marriage began to unravel due to her husband’s drug abuse and violent behavior. Robin made the courageous decision to leave her husband and start anew.
  • Tragically, her ex-husband later succumbed to an overdose, leaving behind a grieving daughter.
  • Seeking solace, Robin relocated to the Carolinas to be with her daughter. When circumstances didn’t improve, she returned to Ohio.

Discovering the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley:

  • Robin learned about the Rescue Mission through her cousin, and it became a beacon of hope during her darkest days.
  • While at the mission, she faced yet another devastating loss—the death of her only son due to an overdose.
  • Despite the pain, Robin found comfort and strength in Jesus Christ.

A New Beginning:

  • Robin secured a spot on the housing list and eventually found an apartment.
  • Her message to others in need: “Don’t let fear hinder you from seeking help. The mission is there to help you catch your breath.”
  • Robin’s journey underscores the vital role of your support. Your donations empower the mission to assist women like Robin, enabling them to rebuild their lives.
  • As Robin wisely puts it, “You never know when you might be the one needing help.”

Your generosity fuels the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley, allowing individuals like Robin to start anew and find hope even in the face of adversity. 🌟Thank you and God bless. To learn more about the Mission, visit www.RescueMissionMV.org or to provide a meal for just $2.47 visit www.RescueMissionMV.org/donate.

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