Servant’s Heart Award

The Servant’s Heart Award is given by Mission Staff to a select group of outstanding Individual VOLUNTEERS based on answers to the questions below. The award is once per lifetime per recipient. Recipients of the Servant’s Heart Award are truly one-of-a-kind!  Nominations for the award are accepted each March, but the award is not always given out.  These are truly volunteers who have given hundreds or thousands of hours or in a way that is so uncommon that it should be recognized.

Staff who wish to nominate someone to be recognized are asked to answer the 5 questions below in detail. A panel will be assembled to review the nominations and make recommendations as to who the Mission should celebrate. Names will be added to an award plaque housed at the Mission and news releases will be issued to the media. Recipients will be honored during National Volunteer Week in April.

  1. Why does the individual you are nominating deserve this recognition?   
  2. Briefly describe the type of volunteer work carried out by this individual.
  3. Give a specific description of those who benefited and the impact of the nominee’s volunteer service.
  4. Please provide examples of how the nominee’s volunteer service exceeds expectations and stands out from other volunteers.
  5. How long has the volunteer been involved with serving at RMMV and how often do they volunteer?

Past RMMV Servant’s Heart Award recipients include:

  • Barbara Clark (2006)
  • Keith McCombs (2009)
  • Debbie Smith (2009)
  • Sandy Hewitt (2009)
  • Edith Jackson (2013)
  • Tom & Danielle Gregory (2013)
  • Dave Wyant (2013)
  • Sharon Sanders (2013)
  • Gary Reel (2013)
  • Brian Simpson (2013)
  • Dorothy Grappo (2013)
  • Cal Gungle (2013)
  • Rick Blair III (2016)
  • Madison Goske (2016)
  • Kristi Schmitz (2016)
  • Becky Long (2016)
  • Sharon Moser (2016)
  • Sandi Love & Jacci Bradley (2016)
  • Jo Anne Brashen (2022)
  • Marisa Volpini (2022)
  • Debbie Yurchusib (2022)
  • Ginny Teneyck (2022)
  • Beth Miller (2022)
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