You understand how powerful a meal can be for someone who’s hungry and hurting. A meal relieves their hunger… and can be the first step toward a changed life! And right now, YOU can make a big impact for hungry neighbors in need.

For just $30 a month, you can provide 12 meals and care for a hungry guest at the Mission. Over a year, your $30 monthly gift becomes 144 meals and care! 

Today, you can join other caring friends in the Mahoning Valley who give meals monthly through our Cornerstone Partners. Together, your steady support will help change lives and provide:

  • Hot, nourishing meals
  • Safe shelter & clean clothing
  • Bible-based counseling
  • Classes & workforce assistance

Please don’t wait to help your struggling neighbors – start giving meals monthly today! Your monthly gift of meals will help to end their hunger… so they can start rebuilding their lives. Thank you for reaching out to help them now!